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Why Python Application Areas of Python Features and Limitations ofPython Python Versions Installing Python Python Interpreter Architecture Python Byte Code Compiler Python Virtual Machine(PVM)

Using Interactive Mode Using Script Mode General Text Editor and CommandWindow IDLE Editor and IDLE Shell Understanding print() function How to compile python program explicitly

Character Set Keywords Identifiers Comments Variables Literals Operators Reading input from console Parsing String to int , float

If statement
If else statement
If elif statement
If elif else statement
Nested if statement

While loop
For loop
Nested loops
Pass, break and continue keywords

Int, float, complex, bool, nonetype
Str, list, tuple, range
Dict, set

What is string
String representations
Unicode string
String functions, methods
String indexing and slicingv String formatting

Creating and accessing lists
Indexing and slicing lists
List methods
Nested lists
List comprehension

Creating tuple
Accessing tuple
Immutability of tuple
Tuple to list
List to tuple

How to create a set
Iteration over sets
Python set methods
Python frozenset
Union ,intersection ,difference of sets

Creating a dictionary
Dictionary methods
Accessing values from dictionary
Updating dictionary
Iterating dictionary
Dictionary comprehension

Defining a Function
Calling a Function
Types of Functions
Function v/s Method
Function Arguments
Function ReturnStatement
Nested Function
Function as argument
Function as return statement
Decorator function
Closure function
map(),filter() ,reduce(),any() functions
Anonymous or lambda Function

Why Modules
Script v/s Module
Importing Module
Understanding PYTHONPATH Variable
Commonly Used Library Modules
Understanding init .py file
Understanding pip utility

Introduction to file handling
File modes
Functions and methods related to file handling
Understanding with block

Procedural v/s object oriented programming
OOP principles
Defining a class & object creation
Object attributes

Difference between syntax errors and exceptions
Keywords used in exception handling
try, except, finally, raise, assert
Types of except blocks

Introduction to tkinter programming
Tkinter widgets
Tk, label, Entry, Textbox, Button
Frame, messagebox, filedialog etc
Layout managers
Event handling
Displaying image

Multi-processing v/s Multi-threading
Need of threads
Creating child threads
Functions /methods related to threads
Thread synchronization and locking

Database Concepts
What is Database Package?
Understanding Data Storage
Relational Database (RDBMS) Concept

SQL basics
DDL: create, alter, drop
SQL constraints:
Not null, unique,
Primary & foreign key, composite key
Check, default
DML: insert, update, delete and merge
DQL : select
Select distinct
SQL where
SQL operators
SQL like
SQL order by
SQL aliases
SQL views
SQL joins
Inner join
Left (outer) join
Right (outer) join
Full (outer) join
SQL (Structured Query Language)
Mysql functions String functions
Numeric functions
Max, min, sum
Avg, count, abs
Date functions

Introduction to Databases
Installing MySQL Server
Understanding basic SQL Statements
Database Drivers and connectors
Creating connection object
Understanding cursor object
Executing SQL statements using cursor
Fetching records from cursor
Storing and retrieving Date and Time

What are web applications?
Static v/s dynamic web applications
Web application Architecture
Front End
Back End

Introduction to HTML 5
Parts in HTML Document
Head Section
Meta Information
Body Section
Heading &Paragraph
Anchors, Images
Front End
Introduction to Bootstrap4
Bootstrap CDN & Local
Bootstrap Classes
Bootstrap Forms
Bootstrap Buttons
Bootstrap Colors
Bootstrap Grid System
lWhy Typescript
Basic Types
Class and Interfaces
HTML Comments
HTML Table
DIV Section

Introduction CSS3
Inline CSS
Internal CSS
External CSS
Styling Text
Styling Fonts
CSS Borders
Backgrounds and Borders
Text Effects
Margin & Padding

What is Script?
Introduction to JavaScript
Comments and Types of Comments
Popup Boxes
Variables & Operators JavaScript
Functions and Events Conditional
Statements Looping Control
Types of Errors
Exception Handling
Java Script Objects
Browser Objects
Validations in JS

Why Typescript
Basic Types
Class and Interfaces

Introduction to Bootstrap4
Bootstrap CDN & Local
Bootstrap Classes
Bootstrap Forms
Bootstrap Buttons
Bootstrap Colors
Bootstrap Grid System

What is React JS?
What is SPA?
DOM vs Virtual DOM
Advantages and Disadvantages
Key Features

Node | NPM Installation of CLI
Setup Project
Directory Structure
Code Editors
How React JS Application Boot

React Concepts
Render Elements
Function and Class Components
Props and State
Handling Events
Dynamic Data Rendering
Property Binding

Conditional Rendering
List and Keys
Forms Handling
Forms Validations

Understanding component lifecycle
All Lifecycle Hooks

Understanding React Event System
Passing arguments to event Handlers


Introduction to Services
Building a Service

Local Storage
Session Storage

Setting up React Router
Configuring route with Route Component
Making routes dynamic with Route Params
Working with nested routes
Link and NavLink
Redirect Routes

Angular Material

Why Redux
Install and setup
Store ,Reducer , actions
High order Components
mapStateToProps and mapDispatchToProps usage

Async Actions
Redux Thunk and Redux Saga

Why We Need Hooks.
Different Types Of Hooks
Using State And Effect Hooks Usereducer , Useref Etc.
Custom Hooks
Rules Of Hooks

Getting Started With Django
Language v/s Framework
What is Django Framework?
Django Versions
Installing Django

Creating Django Project
Creating Django App
Understanding Directory Structure of Project
UrlMappings, Views,
HttpRequest and HttpResponse Objects
Registering App in
Django Development Server
Control flow of request processing
MVT Design Pattern

Built-in Templates Tags & Filters
Template Variables

Template Inheritance Building custom template tag
Integration of Static Contents

Why this Component?
Types of Views
Function Based
Class Based
How Views interact with other components
How to get request data in views
How to generate response in other formats

Why this Component?
Form class &Field Types
GET and POST methods
Form Validations
How to render django form to template (table , li ,paragraph)
How to use Form in views

Why this component?
SQL v/s ORM approach
create (insert)
Model class and Field Types
Understandingmakemigrations and migrate
Performing CRUD operations
read (select)
Fetching Records from database
Understanding QuerySet
Fetching all records
Fetching records based on conditions
Fetching Data in an order
Data Slicing
Understanding Association Mappings
Integration with MySQL database
many to many
many to one
one to many
one to one

How to create super user
Managing users in the admin
Registering models with admin
How to access admin site

Why maintain state? Understanding stateless behavior of http protoco
State management techniques
URL-Rewriting (query strings)
Hidden form fields
Enable / Disable Session
Get and set data with session
Using session in template
Understanding Sessions in Details
Enable / Disable Session
Get and set data with session
Using session in template
Session Expiry

Why middleware?
Understanding built-inmiddleware
Creating custom middleware
How to enable custom middleware

Working with User objects
Permissions and authorization
Authentication in web requests
Managing users in the admin
Extending the existing User Model

What is a Web API?
Difference between SOAP and RESTful APIs
Django REST Framework for developing RESTful APIs

Why middleware?
How to enable custom middleware
Creating custom middleware
Function based
Class based
Understanding built-in middleware

Working with User objects
Managing users in the admin
Authentication in web requests
Permissions and authorization
Extending the existing User Model

What is a Web API?
Difference between SOAP and RESTful APIs
Django REST Framework for developing RESTful APIs
Understanding JSON response
How to consume RESTful API
requests package
get and post
how to parse JSON
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