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This is to inform you all concern that the centre will remain close on 15/08/2016 on occasion of Independence day . ATIVS wishes you happy Independence day...


English is one of the primary languages used globally and in several countries. If you are not very comfortable with your linguistic abilities in English, then you can take up an English speaking course. Unfamiliarity with the language can be a certain disadvantage in today’s competitive environment. No matter what type of career you are pursuing, it is vital to equip yourself with sound knowledge about the language. In this age of internet, there are several options before you to learn the language quickly and without spending much.

An English speaking institute like ours is the perfect place where you can learn the language with the help of our skilled experts and teachers. Being skilled and experienced, they will be quickly able to help you iron out your flaws and acquire grammatical strength in no time.

Moreover, we also provide good study materials which can help you assess your expertise as you keep learning more and more. You can either attend the institute & take lessons in a classroom alongside other students or you can sign up for our online English speaking course.

Both the options have their own merit. A classroom-based lesson can help you learn quickly and to evaluate yourself properly before your classmates. Plus, a home can never be the perfect substitute to a classroom when it comes to creating the right ambience. On the other hand, people who do not have time to physically visit us for a certain number of hours at a certain time of the day can easily opt for the online lessons where they get a lot of flexibility and convenience of studying from home.

Depending on your requirement, at our English Spoken Institute Delhi we provide you that category of training. If you are a complete novice, then you will be taught the basics before moving on to advanced levels. On the contrary, if you are well acquainted with the basics, then we will deploy a different technique so that you can acquire advanced knowledge and become more competitive with your linguistic skills.

So, sign up for our English course, increase your speaking power and carve out a better tomorrow and a more lucrative future.









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