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This is to inform you all concern that the centre will remain close on 15/08/2016 on occasion of Independence day . ATIVS wishes you happy Independence day...


In this age of computer, taking up a web design course can be really your trump card to success. Even if you are not planning specifically to be a website designer, our course can really give you an insight into various technical matters, can elevate your confidence and can add another skill to your resume. And for someone who is keen to pursue web designing as a career, our course certainly is mandatory. 

You have got to understand that there are various technical and non-technical issues involved in creation of a website. When you design a page, you have to strike the right balance between visual and non-visual aspects. You cannot just pepper the webpage with visually impressive apps & tools without giving a thought to the user-friendliness aspect. For instance, did you know that peppering a webpage with too many Flash tools can actually have a negative effect on its SEO! Only a certified and affiliated web design institute like ours can impart the right knowledge to make you a better and successful designer.

For web designing, you need to familiarize yourself with a number of programs and techniques including HTML, CSS, DHTML, Java script, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver and techniques of uploading websites. There are different levels to the course. A professional designer is expected to have complete expertise over all the programs and techniques mentioned above.

If you are designing a website for your personal purpose or just for the sake of it, then you may not require our advanced web design course. But if you are planning to take it up as your profession or if you are going to design your own business website, then you have to mandatorily get yourself enrolled in our web design institute. It is as much important to learn the non-technical matters as it is to learn about the technical stuff.

Presently, we  offer comprehensive web design course to make you the wizard of technology. Apart from imparting knowledge about the different programs, we also will also teach you the various pros & cons of various kinds of designing and which techniques are suitable for business or for non-business websites.









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